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Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer | Documentary Wedding Photography

Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer

As a Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer and member of the exclusive East Selective I am rather lucky to work in a gorgeous part of England.

That’s one of the great things about wedding photography, I get to see a lot of the country and many beautiful venues. I always love to get the opportunity to go somewhere new.

I even travel overseas for those clients who are off on a big adventure. My job really is rather a lot of fun.

It is also a lot of long hours and much editing but being a documentary wedding photographer is such a rewarding role. Each year I see my images reappear on social media as birthdays and anniversaries roll round and I’m reminded of how important it is to help capture those memories for my clients.

Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer

I get to witness it all on a wedding day. Everything from the quiet contemplative morning to the heart racing, vow reciting, ring exchanging, paper signing bit, where time seems to hit warp speed. The guests mingling and glasses clinking. The quiet time you have together where you breathe it all in. I hear and feel the heartfelt, the tearful and the hilarious speeches. I’m there on the dance floor until your day slowly fades into tomorrow. All around me your day passes by in a series of moments that I get to capture. I see them in gestures, in glances, in cuddles and kisses, in tears and in laughter.

What I love most of all about wedding days is that anything can happen and without fail there is always a little bit of magic in the air! A buzz of excitement and nervous energy and lots and lots of fun!

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